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Ordering a custom banjo is very simple.  Just write me an email at  ken@levandesign.com  and give me an idea what kind of banjo you want.  We can start the design process right away.  We work together - I will make sketches of the ideas you have, and send them to you until we have a final design that I can produce.  The pictures of banjos on other pages on this site give you a rough idea of a starting point and a rough idea of prices, but it’s really the customer or client who determines the direction and the final details.

Currently, I have a few already made banjos for sale.  To order one of these, just write me an email, and we can go from there.

Here’s what is available for immediate delivery. 

The introductory price of $1295 for the original New Vintage 11” and 12” banjos with either the Tone~Wave or SuperWoodie tone ring still holds in cherry, walnut, or mahogany.  Curly maple is an additional $50.

If you would like to order a banjo in advance and have one of the next batch reserved, let me know


Of course, you can order a custom or New Vintage banjo at any time - more banjos always in progress.

You can place an order and it will go into the current cycle of what I am working on.

Prices do not include shipping, which I will charge at actual cost from either FEDEX Ground, UPS or the USPS.

I will crate or box the banjo.  I can also provide a case or gig bag at actual cost if desired.  I recommend purchasers buying the case or gig bag of their choice and having it shipped to me, which is free from several suppliers, in which case I will ship the banjo out in the case and the box it was shipped to me in.

Ken LeVan and LeVan banjos is now part of the Smithsonian Folkways series “North American Banjo Builders”


© LeVan Banjos • LeVan Banjos is a division of LeVan Design, Shunk Pennsylvania

CannonBell™, Kone11™, SteepCreek™ , ZipNut™, Turbo Pot™ , Tone~Wave™ and Eclectic™ are trademarks of LeVan Design     

LeVan Banjos are made in the USA from sustainable, non endangered materials.


NewVintage  Tu-Ba-Tone

12” pot

bronze tone ring

best curly maple


NewVintage  Tu-Ba-Tone

11” pot

bronze tone ring

best curly maple


New Design - first ones made